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Buying and Selling Used Machines – Metal Stamping Presses

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When buying a used machine it’s important to consider several factors.  Sometimes what you see isn’t what you get.  After all, an older machine may look dirty and not so attractive.  However, under that grease, oil and grime could be a well manufactured machine in excellent condition.  This is often the case with machines that use a lot of oil and lubricants.  For example, metal stamping presses use all kinds of lubricant on the machines mechanism and the part itself.

When examining presses for wear, there are several points. A dial indicator with base can be used for this application. Of course this may not be possible if the machine isn’t under power or disassembled entirely. If you can hear and see the machine run, it’s better of course. This disadvantage is you know you will have to rig out the stamping press. This means it will cost more to disassemble and move. If the machine is already apart, then you won’t have to pay for dis assembly. Be sure you have someone who can make sure all the parts are there.

You may need to order additional parts for a used machine. Bliss Presses are not actively made, but the parts are still available. Many opt to go with used parts, because new can be costly.

Keep in mind the rigging, hauling and installation cost. You may also need to alter the floor upon which the press will stand. Consider how hard it will be to get the machine out of where it currently is and to get it into your location. These can all add up. However, for most, it’s just part of what has to be done to get what you need.


A source for used metal stamping presses can be found here: https://masllc.leadpages.net/used-minster-presses-for-sale/